Helping Therapists Reach their Private Practice Goals

Remember the business course you took in Grad school? The one that taught you how to run your own business and all about marketing and advertising? Yeah, me neither.

The thought of starting a Private Practice can seem overwhelming when you have little to no knowledge about business. My personal experience of starting a Private Practice by fumbling my way through Google and hounding my colleagues with questions, fueled my passion to help others achieve this goal with less frustration and confusion. With my step by step, easy to follow process, you'll reach your Private Practice goals in no time!

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Hi, my name is Angela! I'm an LMFT in California and sole owner of Lighthouse Family Counseling (my Private Practice), as well as Classroom to Couch (my coaching business).

When I sat down to begin the process of opening my Private Practice, I was completely lost and beyond frustrated. Each time I thought I was getting somewhere I would have to backtrack because I missed a step. I kept thinking to myself, it shouldn't be this hard! 

I needed someone to teach me the sequential steps to follow so I could ensure my business was established properly. I found some coaches here and there but they were either well outside of my budget or not offering what I needed. 

A wise person once stated: "Create the things you wish existed." and that's exactly what I did.

My coaching business was born out of my own frustrating experience with starting my Practice. In our sessions, I will walk you through the process of getting your Private Practice established as a business, ensuring the professional services you use are HIPAA compliant, and introduce you to using social media for marketing, advertising and networking. 

Whether you're just getting started or feeling stuck in the midst of your process, I got you!

  Steps to Build Your Private Practice  


prepare for private practice

Set a budget, define your ideal schedule, determine professional fees, etc.

establish your business

Choose a name and location for your Practice, identify your business structure, etc.

ensure hipaa-compliance

Set up HIPAA secure systems to protect client's PHI, receive payments, etc.

grow your caseload

Effectively network with colleagues, use social media for marketing, advertise online, etc.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”


What People are Saying...

"I'm super excited to have gotten my first private client, and after just two meetings with Angela! She's amazing. Authentic, solution-focused, willing to share her experiences transparently. This was the first time I had ever contacted someone randomly on the internet, so if you're hesitating like I was at first, I promise she's a genuinely awesome human being. You'd be lucky to work with her!"

Christina C, MFT